Top 3 Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard

Sector 9 bamboo longboard can easily carve out an excitable adventurous trip for the consumer. All those up for some sporty fun in life can definitely opt for this. It is cost effective clubbed with many advanced and interesting features that ensure a joyous ride for all its users.

It is a better, more convenient, user friendly and improvised version of a skateboard. The diameter of a longboard is such that it aids its swiftness along with the turning of the wheels. The longboards can be of various innovative ad unique shapes such as drop-through neck, drop deck, pintails, swallowtails, flat-nose riders and other boards of the same size and structure as that of a skateboard.

Pintails- they make allowance for the trucks which are loose and bigger size wheels, a situation more convenient for carving or a comfortable feel whereas the drop neck through they make way for the rider to be in greater touch with the ground. As a result of which a low centre of gravity is required to increase the stability of the system that allows the rider to ride downhill.

The bulky or heavy nature of the skateboard makes it less conducive for performing all the various skateboarding tricks. But the structure of the longboard helps in gaining momentum. Its construction allows the user to take big huge turns or short crisp carves similar to the movement of surfers.

Top 3 Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard

Sector 9 Drop-Through Bamboo Complete Longboard Skateboard:

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard SkateboardThe product comes in easy on the pocket of the consumer considering all the advanced features and other perks that it offers. It is a very authentic sector 9 component. It has been made up of recyclable bamboo with CNP drop through mounting process. It has got an amazing green wave graphic. It is a 5ply longitudinally laminated bamboo product. It successfully rides on 10 Gull Wing chargers. A consumer warranty card is also attached to the product.

 Sector 9 Bamboo G- Land Complete Longboard:

Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land 9.75x44 Complete Longboard SkateboardThe product is cost effective considering its usefulness and the purpose that it seeks to serve. It is a sector 9 model with a 9.75 width. The product dimension of the item is 44 * 5 * 11 inches. It is a high quality board with high quality truck wheels. The shipping facility of the product also attracts a lot of consumers. To add on to this a warranty card is also attached to it so if anything goes wrong in the product it will be looked into by the company almost free of charge.

 Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo Longboard:

Sector 9 Ireland Bamboo 38The product comes with Gull wing chargers and sector 9 wheels. The measurement of the deck is something around 9.375” * 38.0. The trucks used in the product are C9. The colour of the wheels is green. Bamboo is a light weighted material and therefore it is a more preferred over the heavy maple decks. A warranty card is also attached to the product.


All these products effectively sketch out the usefulness and productivity of the longboard. Sector 9 bamboo longboards are therefore recommended to everyone- from the toddlers to the professionals, everyone!



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