Top 3 Blank Skateboard Decks of 2016

The blank skateboards decks are now available in different lengths to make it convenient for the customers. These are offered by many manufacturers. We bring the recommended blank skateboard decks.

The decks are basically that part of skateboard on which the user stands on. These decks are available in many patterns, colors, designs, lengths. Blank decks have an advantage. They can be custom made or painted in any color the user wants too. Moreover the blank skateboard decks look decent than its counterparts. There are many models present in the market. Each has to offer different features. One may want to choose keeping in mind the basics features of the board. These include: the hardware, qualities, its durability, the length and the comfort one needs while driving it. People prefer decks these days as they prove to be a good option economically. One can use durable hardware and make it the best boards and customize it for personal use.

Top 3 Blank Skateboard Decks:




This board has got good ratings due to its features. The natural color makes it look very decent and polished. The shape of this board is good. Moreover the board is light and so easy to carry. The shape provides with grater concavity which is a plus point. It provides with great pop and also one can paint in colors of choice! It does not come with grip and not recommended for high intensity drives. The price fits in low budgets. It has solid deck and so quite durable. One can even personalize it by adding desired trucks, bearings, stickers, etc.


Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

This skateboard has 7 ply Canadian maple skateboard deck. Overall it is a pretty decent board for the price. The deck is 32 inches long and works well for all purposes. The board is quite stable and has decent pop! The durability is also good. It is good for performing tricks but may need painting after sometime. The paint may start chipping. The shape is concave and lighter board. The quality of the board is good. It is a good board for the beginners. Together with good trucks, bearings, the board will be best buy as a whole package. They have advantage of being available in many sizes. Choose the right one for you.

3. Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Short Board

Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Short Board

Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Short Board

The quality of this skateboard is superior. Again this skateboard provides great pop! These skateboards are useful for park skating and street skating. Its design makes it the desired one. The skateboard is light in weight and hence makes the perfect choice.  The deck has very good finishing and comes with wood finish color. This makes it look decent. The quality of the deck is also good.


The blank skateboard decks are among the top selling items. The quality of the decks is worth buying for the price offered. All the above mentioned decks have their advantages and disadvantages. So to buy the best out of all, one has to evaluate according to the use of the board and the durability. The decks come along with helpful user guide. Go through the various reviews and then decide the best suited for you.


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