The Best Cheap Skateboards – SCSK8 Pro Skateboard / Cruiser Pre-Assembled Complete & PRO Skateboard Crown Complete

SCSK8 and TGM Skateboards are two names that do not require any recognition in the world of skateboards. Both these companies are renowned for the manufacture of skateboards and related products such as trucks, bearings, decks and wheels among others. The most stellar feature that makes both these companies stand out is how they are able to come up with cheap skateboards which are of the highest quality. Here we take a look at two of their best offerings – one each for both.

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard / Cruiser Pre-Assembled Complete

Cheap Skateboards This skateboard is really one right from the top drawer of SCSK8 products. The first thing worth mentioning about it is that it is fully assembled in USA and is ready to ride. The deck is made of wood with 5 inch trucks which support its 52 mm wheels. It has 5 inch Abec bearings, 1 inch hardware and comes with black grip tape. You can choose from among as many as 13 designs as per your preference. The weight of the skateboard is around 7 pounds.

As you may have figured out by now, this skateboard from the house of SCSK8 is filled with features galore. It is multi-purpose and can be used by skaters of all skill levels. Plus you get some great colors and designs to choose from as a great add-on. Here are some of the pros and cons of this incredible skateboard.


  • It is made from great quality wood and is quite durable.
  • The grip tape which is included ensures better control and mobility.
  • Its 8 inch deck allows enough greater room for users to balance themselves.
  • The unique colors and flashy designs make it a hit, especially among the kids.
  • The skateboards can be used by both rookies and pros alike.


  • At 7 pounds, this skateboard is quite bulky and tough to carry around.
  • Some of the designs are a little too flashy and are suitable only for kids as adults may find them a tad embarrassing.
  • The grip tape may tend to fall off at times which can be a bit troublesome.

PRO Skateboard Crown Complete

PRO Skateboard Crown CompleteThis is another champion skateboard from the house of TGM skateboards. It is one of the rare skateboards to receive a full 5 rating on online retailer Amazon. This skateboard redefines the category of cheap skateboards with its outstanding quality. It is a fully assembled skateboard with a crown shadow deck, Havoc trucks with 52 mm wheels, Abec bearings and black grip tape. In terms of weight, the PRO Skateboard Crown Complete is around 7 pounds. Now that we know its features, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • The build is sturdy and it is sure to last for a considerable time.
  • Its grip tape is quite good and does its job well.
  • The deck has a crown shadow design which makes it look very classy.
  • It is versatile and both beginners and professionals can make good use of it.


  • Its 7 pound weight can make it a bit difficult to carry about.
  • Although it is cheap, the additional shipping charges can make it a bit expensive.


Both these skateboards are an exciting proposition and the choice between the two can be a difficult one. But if you are looking for really good yet cheap skateboards, these are the best options available currently. So you must consider what your requirements are from the skateboard and then assess the best one.


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