Skateboards for girls: RazorX Girls Daisy Skateboard

RazorX Girl's Daisy Skateboard

If you are looking for good skateboards for girls, the best option for you is RazorX. RazorX is one of the top skateboard manufacturers and is known for its high quality products. Among the various skateboard models for girls from RazorX, the best and most highly rated one is the RazorX Girls Daisy Skateboard. No wonder it has received a 5-star user rating at the popular online shopping portal Amazon. This skateboard is ideal for beginners who are looking to learn how to skateboard, irrespective of their age. The RazorX Girls Daisy Skateboard offers the user better control and smooth movement and is ideal for enhancing your skating skills. There are a number of features that make this skateboard an absolute worth buy.

  • The deck is 31 inches in length and is made from 7 ply Northern Maple wood.
  • The deck has dual kicktails which makes it perfect for carrying out modern day skating techniques and skills.
  • It has strong alloy angled pivot trucks with steel axles and kingpins which ensure greater stability and allow the skateboard to turn slowly.
  • The wheels of this skateboard are made from polyurethane and are 54 mm in diameter. This ensures the wheels function smoothly on different surfaces.
  • The skateboard uses sealed precision ABEC1 bearings which hold it up together and permit its smooth operation.
  • It weighs a mere 5.4 pounds and therefore, it is very much portable.
  • The full coverage grip tape used in the skateboard ensures that the users are able to maintain their balance on it.
  • It is also quite affordable as you can buy it from Amazon at just $56.99 with free shipping.


Strength and Durability – The 7 ply Northern Maple deck is sturdily built and is sure to last for a long period of time without any major damages. This, however, is entirely dependent on how the user maintains the skateboard.

Built for Action – The dual kick tails that are found on both ends of the deck are just about perfect to learn modern day skateboarding skills and techniques. It allows you to experiment and come up with tricks of your own as well.

Smoothness of Operation – There are two important features of the RazorX Girls Daisy Skateboard that show how smoothly it works. The first one is its 54 mm polyurethane wheels that ensure it runs smoothly on the streets as well as sidewalks. The second one is the sealed precision ABEC1 bearings that ensure that the skateboard is tightly held up together and runs smoothly.

Portability – Since the RazorX Girls Daisy Skateboard is only 5.4 pounds in weight, it is easily portable and can be carried around without many hassles.

Greater Balance – This skateboard allows greater balance for the user due the full coverage grip tape that has been used. This is important especially in the case of beginners.

Inexpensive – The best thing about this skateboard is that it is quite affordable considering its remarkable features.


The only drawback of the RazorX Girls Daisy Skateboard is that it is very basic and may not be suited for advanced usage. So, once the user has acquired a certain skill level this skateboard may no longer be useful.


At its price, the RazorX Girls Daisy Skateboard is the best you can get. It has all the features that are essential for starting to learn skateboarding and it can be helpful to gain some level of expertise in it. Its strength, durability, portability, smooth operation and inexpensiveness make this skateboard for girls a product worth buying and provide you great value for your money.


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