Learning The Parts of a Skateboard

When you play skateboard then a basic step in learning how to skateboard is knowing the parts of your skateboard. Learning all the separate skateboard parts is easy. This page you use this guide to learn the names of each part, the function and where to place each part while building your complete skateboard and get ready to rip!

Parts of a Skateboard

Parts of a Skateboard

Learning The Parts of a Skateboard

1. Trucks

This is the metal axle that you mount your wheels to. Trucks consist of a baseplate, axle and a kingpin and bushing hold everything together while allowing the axle to tilt for turning.  


2. Mounting bolts

There are eight total, four for each truck. Used to mount the trucks to the deck and otherwise known as hardware. 


3. Griptape

 This part is adhesive backed and sticks to the board. The other side feels like a medium grade sandpaper (It helps your feet stick to the board and not slip off while you skate!).


4. Skateboard deck

It is the wooden platform that you stand on, the bottom side of the deck usually has painted graphics. Read more about skateboard decks: 


5. Riser pads

This part Made of rubber. Two total, one for each truck. And these are used in order to add a little height between the wheels and the deck to avoid the two from touching while in a tight turn or hard landing and to separate the metal of the truck from the wood of the deck. 


6. Wheels

Skateboard wheels come in a large variety of sizes, colors, designs and materials, some wheels are made of harder materials and others are softer.


7. Spacers

It is a small piece of metal used to separate bearings at a fixed width. The first bearing is put into the wheel, then the space in the middle, then the second bearing is put into the wheel (spaced in the middle). And trucks normally come with spacers.


8. Bearings

There are two for each wheel. Ball bearings allow the wheels to spin.


9. Nuts

They are the nut goes on the end of the axle, holding the bearings, spacer and wheel in place. And make sure that you use the locking kind or they will come loose after skating for awhile. All decent trucks will already come with locking nuts so no need to worry.

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