Top 5 Brands Cheap Skateboards

Skating has become an extremely popular sport over the years, especially with young boys and girls. It is really great to see youngsters performing clever feats with their skateboards, which is only possible when you have a skateboard that has great quality and affordability at the same time. Should you be interested in getting cheap skateboards for yourself or for someone else, whom you really care to give a fantastic gift, here is the list of some great products. 


1. Ripstik Caster Board

Best Skate DeckThis beautiful ground-breaking caster board has been designed for children aged 8 and over and it can support up to 220 pounds. With its pivoting deck and 360-degree caster trucks, it’s a great product. Its special features are its spiked traction pads, kick tail and nose and a beautiful concave deck design. It has very smooth running wheels and reliable bearings. 

2. Razor RipStik Ripster

blank skateboard decksThis board is a bit shorter than the original ripstik but it comes with high tech polymer removable deck plates. The deck is concave and slip-resistant which is designed from safety point of view. With its urethane wheels and rubber padded steel torsion bar, this is a highly recommended product. A great product to use for yourself or to give others as a gift!

3. Razor DLX Mini Board (Mini Ripstik) – Colour: Blue

Best Skate DeckThis ripstik is a great product for young children especially between ages 6 and 8. Children love the experience and it is very handy for them to use. Great deck plates, great wheels and torsion bar, it is a very smooth-running skateboard. Definitely recommended!

Punisher Skateboards

1. Punisher Cherry Blossom Skateboard, 31-Inch

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete SkateboardA beautifully designed skateboard comes with Canadian 31 x 7.5 inches maple deck and double kick concave. Its high quality ABEC-5 bearings make it run very smoothly and its wheels come with graphics. This is a beautiful and great product to enjoy whenever you have time.

 2. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple

Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian MapleThis is an extremely beautiful piece to look at and equally brilliant to use. Its 5-inch seagull trucks are painted metallic red and its concave deck is 31 inches long. Its unique feature is that it comes with PE riser pad with PU cushion. An extremely useful product as a gift or for personal use. Hurry up and be confident to spend money into buying this product today!  

3. Punisher Skateboards Jinx Complete 31-Inch Skateboard All Maple

Punisher Skateboards Jinx Complete 31-Inch Skateboard All MapleThis skateboard comes with 31-inch maple concave deck and ABEC-3 bearings. It has also got 5-inch V-style alloy trucks and a base, which makes it handier to use. The quality of its wheels is very good and they can sustain heavy weights but their performance would remain steady.

Penny Skateboards

1. Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

Penny Graphic Complete SkateboardThis is a very simple yet very elegantly designed skateboard with 22 inches long deck and its penny trucks measure 3.125. Its 59 mm penny wheels make sure that its drive is great and smooth. It is a very durable product so you can spend your money with full confidence if you like to buy it for yourself or for your children to surprise them. It will be a great product for you and there will be no regrets buying it.

 2. Penny Limited Edition Plastic Skateboard Nickel Hot Pink 27

Penny Limited Edition Plastic Skateboard Nickel Hot Pink 27Plastic skateboards are not only very enduring but they are very popular amongst children as well. This nickel hot pink product could be the best choice for your girls who love skateboarding. Their deck is great, their wheels are of superior quality and their look is phenomenal. A great choice for you!

  1. Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard

Penny Nickel Complete SkateboardPenny Nickel Complete Skateboard is the other name of great quality. What a product it is and what a great performance it gives you! Made out of original plastic, this product could be an extremely valuable asset for you. Available in different colours which means you can choose whatever answers to your needs and requirements.

Bamboo Skateboards

  1. Bamboo Drop Through Thru Complete Longboard Skateboard

Bamboo Drop Through Thru Complete Longboard SkateboardBamboo skateboards are unique, they are beautiful and they are great! The deck is 9.25 x 41 inches, trucks are 180 mm and it has 76 mm 80a longboard wheels. It has ABEC-5 bearings that are oiled for a very smooth and noiseless drive. This product is one of the hot favourites of young people with great feedback and satisfaction on the part of its users. 

  1. Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Tidal Ride Long Board Complete

Bamboo SkateboardsThis skateboard is a beautiful product and due to its beauty and performance, it earned the title ‘skateboard of the year’ in 2012, which is more than enough to tell its merits. The fact is that no other material can beat bamboo in its strength and flexibility, so this is a very durable product and you will spend your money only once.  

 3. Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Tiki Man Long Board Complete, 44 x 9.5-Inch, Natural Top (Pintail)

cheap skateboardsCan any other skateboard compete with the one which was the ‘skateboard of the year’ in 2012? That shows the quality of this product and the commitment of its makers. A great product, not only because of its apparent beauty but because of its performance as well. Highly recommended for those who want to excel in the sport of skateboarding. You cannot trust any other product when it is the matter of quality.


1. Almost Superman Complete Skateboard

Almost Superman Complete Skateboard, Rodney MullenA complete skateboard with FUL7.75 size, this is a great product for young boys who love superman, which is painted on its body. It is a very well-adjusted, very proportioned and a very beautiful product. As far as the performance of this skateboard is concerned, it is second to none. Highly recommended for skateboard lovers!

 2. Almost Willow The Flash Micro Complete Skateboard – 6.75

Almost Willow The Flash Micro Complete Skateboard This is a very traditional looking skateboard by Almost, the name of quality in the market today. The size of this skateboard is 6.75 and it is the best choice for those youngsters who want to master the art of skateboarding. So, hurry up and don’t waste your time and go for this product with full confidence.

3. Almost Daewon Batman Mini 7.0 Complete Skateboard

cheap skateboardsThis Daewon Batman Mini skateboard has 7.0 inches size and a very suitable product for starters. Beautifully designed, this product is ready to go through all challenges that you are going to bring in its way during the course of your practice sessions. You don’t have to worry about its performance; you just need to focus on your drills because it will give you the top-notch performance. Its wheels are great and you will feel the difference when you have a fluent and smooth drive.

       So, in this age of fierce competition, it is very hard to get cheap skateboards and it is even harder to find cheap as well as good quality skateboards. This is why we have listed some top quality products that you could afford to buy and enjoy skateboarding. Never ever compromise on the quality of the product and what a great thing it is when the quality you want is simply affordable.