Top 5 cheap skateboard decks

When it comes to adventure activities, skateboarding is certainly one of the most popular. For those who want engage in this activity, there are several cheap skateboard decks available which can help you begin.

For those of you who don’t know, a deck is the upper part of the skateboard on which the user stands while it is in motion. It is necessary to have a skateboard deck in order to ensure smoother movement; however, it is also not possible to spend a fortune on purchasing one. This problem is taken care of by several cheap skateboard decks that you can find online. These are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. It is also not very difficult to find cheap skateboard decks which also have a good build quality and are tough enough to withstand any weight. We have picked the top 5 out of the many low priced skateboard decks which you can purchase online. Here is a detailed look at each of them to help you decide which is best.


Moose Blank Skateboard DeckBlank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck PRO Skateboard Complete Pre-Built HEARTAGRAM 7.75Bam Heartagram Pro New HIM Skateboard Deck5 New 8.0
Moose Blank Skateboard DeckBlank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck PRO Skateboard Complete Pre-Built HEARTAGRAM 7.75"Bam Heartagram Pro New HIM Skateboard Deck5 New 8.0" Natural Maple Blank Skateboard Decks with Grip Tape


The special feature of this skateboard deck is its extremely light weight at just about a pound. However, this does make it a little vulnerable towards damage. The length of the board is perfect, especially if you are a new user. Due to the tail end of the board being larger, it tends to produce massive pop. The grip tape that comes along with the skateboard deck is strong and provides better grip. It is available in several bright colors ranging from dipped red to neon pink; you can decide as per your liking. Moreover, you can spray paint your own design on it. Overall, it is one of the better skateboard decks you can find for a low price.


This skateboard deck is a really tough old customer and comes in 2 different sizes. It comes only in the natural color so you can easily paint it with a color of your own choice and also throw in a favorite design. It has a very good shape with a deep concave and is also extremely lightweight. This unique skateboard deck is great to use for anyone, be it a beginner or a pro skater. A small issue is that it is not shipped along with a grip tape, so you separately have to purchase your own. Otherwise, it is clearly worth much more than its price. If you are looking for a great deck at a low price, you must go for this one for sure.


This is one of the best skateboards available in the market at a cheap price. The deck has a great build quality and other components such as the wheels, bearings and trucks are also good enough. No wonder it has a rating of 4 stars out of 5! The only thing you may put against it is its 7 pound weight, but that is too small an issue to bring down its positives. The name ‘Heartagram’ comes from the design that is embedded at the bottom of the board which is a cross between a heart and a hexagram. The best way to describe this skateboard is that it is just about perfect.


This 7.75” skateboard deck is another offering from Heartagram. It has a strong build quality and weighs around 4 pounds. This deck is available in black and has a white ‘heartagram’ design painted almost at the middle of its top portion. This is a relatively new product and therefore, it has not received any rating thus far. However, once it starts going off the shelves, it will certainly receive a good rating. This deck is quite a good option if you are looking to purchase your first skateboard deck.


This skateboard decks is made from 7-ply maple wood and is being sold in a set of 5. It is definitely quite cheap as you get 5 decks for just $43.00 (plus shipping) and also a grip tape along with it. The quality is certainly not top drawer and this is the main reason for a slightly low rating for this deck. They come in natural color so it becomes easier to apply your own color and design to it and you can paint all of them differently. You can order these if you want quite a number of backups in case of damage. It is best for those who are regulars when it comes to skateboarding.


These are some of the best cheap skateboard decks that you can purchase. Not only do you get good quality and multiple choices, you also do not need to shell out too much money as well. Each of the above mentioned skateboard decks come with their own pros and cons. Some have the perfect shape and size while others come with great colors and designs. So you need to first look at what you are expecting from the deck that you purchase before arriving at a decision. It will be helpful to ponder upon some user reviews, both good and bad, and then make a choice. Always choose the one which is best suited to your requirements.


Top 5 Skateboard Deck Brands 2016

There are a number of different Skateboard Deck Brands and choosing the correct one can indeed turn out to be a difficult task for the skateboarding enthusiasts. Skateboards come in different sizes and designs. The skateboard is a sporting equipment that caters to people of all ages, you only need to be enthusiastic enough for skating! To help you get the most appropriate skateboard, here is a list of some of the best Skateboard Deck Brands. This will come in handy for you if you are planning to buy one for yourself.

Top 5 Skateboard Deck Brands

1. Enjoi

EnjoiEnjoi skateboardsThis is one of the most stylish skateboard brands coming in different designs and styles. The design is durable, and is apt for people of all ages. Even a 25 year old can freely skate using these skateboards from Enjoi. Each of these products comes with deck, grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings along with the nuts and the screws. While skateboards are the brand’s primary product, Enjoi is also involved with production of skating accessories and clothing. A stylized panda has been adopted as the logo for the company and each of the skateboards features this logo. At affordable prices and durable designs, this is one of the best brands you will come across.

 2. Zero

zero skateboards

Based in California, United States, this brand of skateboards indeed has created a level for itself. The products of Zero are popular among the skating enthusiasts. With its inception as a clothing company, Zero evolved as a skateboard company in 1996. The distinctive feature of these skateboards is the logo which features the skull in black or red. This is evident in all the products of Zero.

 3. Girl

Skateboard Deck for girls

Girl is one of the popular names when it comes to skateboarding decks. Based in California, the company specializes in Girl Skateboards, Chocolate skateboards, Royal skateboard trucks, Ruby Republic and Fourstar clothing. Each of their skateboards features a feminine figure or illustration. These are available in different designs and sizes. Celebrating 20 years of its contribution in the skateboarding world, Girl has indeed catered to all the enthusiasts!

 4. Plan B

Skateboard Deck Complete

This is one of the most stylish skateboarding brands that you would come across. This company is co-owned by professional skateboarders in California, including the likes of Danny Way and Colin McKay. Not just the decks, the company also specializes in jeans, wheels, hooded jumpers and jackets. Since its inception in 1991, Plan B has indeed managed to cater to the skateboarding enthusiasts. The skateboarding decks come in the most exciting designs and styles with the name inscribed on the deck.

5. Element

Skateboard Deck Brands

Element not only manufactures skateboarding decks, but also extends to skateboarding apparels and footwear. Element has now become a subsidiary of Billabong International, a surfing brand based in Australia. Made from durable wooden materials, these lightweight skateboarding decks are indeed strong and convenient to use.4

Now with the knowledge of all the best  Skateboard Deck Brands, choosing the best one for you will not be that difficult a task!

Top 3 Blank Skateboard Decks of 2016

The blank skateboards decks are now available in different lengths to make it convenient for the customers. These are offered by many manufacturers. We bring the recommended blank skateboard decks.

The decks are basically that part of skateboard on which the user stands on. These decks are available in many patterns, colors, designs, lengths. Blank decks have an advantage. They can be custom made or painted in any color the user wants too. Moreover the blank skateboard decks look decent than its counterparts. There are many models present in the market. Each has to offer different features. One may want to choose keeping in mind the basics features of the board. These include: the hardware, qualities, its durability, the length and the comfort one needs while driving it. People prefer decks these days as they prove to be a good option economically. One can use durable hardware and make it the best boards and customize it for personal use.

Top 3 Blank Skateboard Decks:




This board has got good ratings due to its features. The natural color makes it look very decent and polished. The shape of this board is good. Moreover the board is light and so easy to carry. The shape provides with grater concavity which is a plus point. It provides with great pop and also one can paint in colors of choice! It does not come with grip and not recommended for high intensity drives. The price fits in low budgets. It has solid deck and so quite durable. One can even personalize it by adding desired trucks, bearings, stickers, etc.


Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

This skateboard has 7 ply Canadian maple skateboard deck. Overall it is a pretty decent board for the price. The deck is 32 inches long and works well for all purposes. The board is quite stable and has decent pop! The durability is also good. It is good for performing tricks but may need painting after sometime. The paint may start chipping. The shape is concave and lighter board. The quality of the board is good. It is a good board for the beginners. Together with good trucks, bearings, the board will be best buy as a whole package. They have advantage of being available in many sizes. Choose the right one for you.

3. Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Short Board

Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Short Board

Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Short Board

The quality of this skateboard is superior. Again this skateboard provides great pop! These skateboards are useful for park skating and street skating. Its design makes it the desired one. The skateboard is light in weight and hence makes the perfect choice.  The deck has very good finishing and comes with wood finish color. This makes it look decent. The quality of the deck is also good.


The blank skateboard decks are among the top selling items. The quality of the decks is worth buying for the price offered. All the above mentioned decks have their advantages and disadvantages. So to buy the best out of all, one has to evaluate according to the use of the board and the durability. The decks come along with helpful user guide. Go through the various reviews and then decide the best suited for you.


Top 3 Longboard Decks Reviews of 2016

Longboard Decks are very important feature to select from. The longer variants of longboards are commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and transport. The longboard’s design allows for big turns or quick short carves similar to motions of surfers or snowboarders. They have three axes: The tail axis (running from tail to tail), the central axis (running straight down through the centre of the board) and the short axis (running from the width of the board and perpendicular to the tall axis)

The pintail shape is used to prevent the wheel from coming in contact with the board, called wheel bite, while still providing ample foot space. Pin tails are most commonly used with top mounted trucks. Pintails permit loser trucks and larger wheels which are better suited for carving or a “smooth “feel.

Drop through boards, should not be confused with a double drop deck have a cut out in the deck, allowing the base plates of the trucks to be mounted through the deck. The lowered platform allows for greater stability at high speeds.

The kicktails first emerged in the back end of a skateboard. Kicktails are now found on specific longboards. They are now emerging into the scene with the ever so popular “indo boards”, which are balance trainers. They say the kicktail will help with big tricks, pivots, slides, Ollies and much more.


1. SCSK8 Bamboo Kicktail Deck Longboard Skateboard:



This is a great board. What you pay is totally worth the board. It has blank deck which is good. It is light weight board and good for cruising. Wheel wells are present. The length is 40 inches which is quite long. Also high quality bamboo is used and this board is perfect for everyday riding. The board is sturdy and perfect for sliding.

2. Bamboo Pintail Deck Longboard Skateboard:

Bamboo pintail Deck Longboard Skateboard

Bamboo pintail Deck Longboard Skateboard

This is a complete longboard with classic bamboo. 44 inches long and has 26 inches wheelbase. Shred boots wheels, 70mm 85. 179 mm reverse pilot trucks. 90A bushing. Genuine abec 7 bearings! The only set back is that it does not have a grip. But for what price is you get it, you cannot beat the deck! It is strong, durable, has carved out area for wheel bites. Also provides nice flex and comes with great size!! This board will make up for the standard cruising deck, if you are looking for one. It has well finishing for very low price.

3. Arbor Genesis Premium Longboard Deck

Arbor Genesis Premium Longboard Deck

Arbor Genesis Premium Longboard Deck

The Arbor Genesis longboard deck has a drop through truck mounting style that gets you closer to the ground for added stability. The deck’s generous wheel cutouts and double kick mold give you plenty of options for flip tricks or manuals, making the Genesis a nimble ride for all your freestyle and flat-ground needs.


One may find many longboards put on sale in the market and hence it is important to choose the right one. The longboard deck is the starting point in building your perfect complete longboard, hence choose wisely. These longboards are among the best ones in the market today. The customers have appreciated the quality of these longboards and hence rated them highly. The major difference of these longboards is the design it comes with, that is, professional speed drop, kicktail and pin tail. Each of these boards has its own unique features, advantages, disadvantages. The criteria to be considered before choosing the correct type of longboard for you should be: The use of longboard, the length, the hardware it comes with and its durability. And lastly the aesthetics! When you have decided the longboard you want to buy, make sure to go through the user guide and the maintenance tips to increase its durability.